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Here at NCK, we have had many wonderful furry friends come to visit. One of our families said it is like summer camp for dogs!

Spring/summer 2018 schedule. I have openings still for spring break and summer vacation time frames, but they wont last long.

Your dog must not have been to another kennel/doggy day care/dog park, or anywhere there are a lot of strange dogs a full 2 weeks before coming here for boarding. It is too easy to catch a bug/kennel cough or a flu. I do not want anything spreading to my pack. Please be sure not to take your dog anywhere else when you are schedule to bring them here. 2 full weeks of staying home required before coming here!!

More Rules: Your angel must be healthy, spayed/neutered, current on vaccines/vet check-ups. Must not have fleas! Must be able to play with other pets and friendly with people. We have 5 acres in the country, with fenced-in large play area's, I love to take walks on our trails (never without a dog). We will welcome your pet into our home and make sure they are well cared for, loved, and have fun!! Your pet will be with my pack as long as they are comfortable with everyone. They will spend some time outside, to go potty and to play in the large fenced play kennel with all my doodles, depending on the weather, they might be allowed a few hours, or only a few minutes. They will spend the night in my basement and will get their own kennel, usually 6x12'. So if you like to bring toys or blankets for your pet that is fine, but not necessary. They will have their own bed with a blanket in their room. I do have video surveillance on the property and through out the basement so I can always keep an eye on everyone! But I am with them a lot!! During the day if we aren't outside playing your pet will spend time with my pack in the basement where dogs rule. They are only kenneled up at night to sleep. I really do want your pet to like it here, and they will! It is important to me.

Prices 2018:

$15 per day for 1 dog

$22 per day for 2 dogs

$28 per day for 3 dogs ( even family's with 3 dogs should be able to take a vacation!)

Because of the care we provide your pet here, we will only take 3 - 4 dogs at a time. We make them part of the family when they are here! So always reserve early. Busy times of the year are, all the summer Holidays, late summer before school is back in session, and Thanksgiving. Book early!

Contact me for more information, and availability.

We had so many doodle's in the play pen, and they were all running through the pools, and all around the pen. Chasing who ever was "it" at the moment. I went and grabbed my camera to capture the fun on video. But they all stopped playing to see what I was doing.

Left to right Penny, Murphy, Amber, Abbey (lola behind Abbey, can't see her face), Belle laying down, Bailey in the back, Chamo sitting in front, Ginger laying in the back, and last but not least, Winchester laying far right

Lola, Bea, Chamo


Boarding  We love to Baby sit! I really can't call it boarding.  

You must bring their food and their own dishes.

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Brodie in the play pen with dad and friends.

Brodie the Labradoodle and his big sister Katie the Golden Retriever are here for a visit.

Abbey's angel Lola stayed the night. We sure enjoyed her, what a doll!!! She loved the playpen!!

Mindy Sue is back, her and Missy are great playmates! Missy love's Mindy!! 

Murphy & Mindy -  Goldendoodles

Murphy is an F1 and Mindy and F1B

Sadie & Rudy -   F1 Labradoodle's  

Luke F1B Labradoodle

Mindy and Luke taking a dip


Baxter is about 5 months old and he loves to play with the little ones! He is Jo Jo & Winchester's F1 Goldendoodle.

4/8/08 Here for babysitting


Are you coming for a visit??

We love to have visitors! However, We can not have people just drop in. If I am in the middle of doing something with pups, or perhaps I have dogs loose outside without a leash, because we are training or simply getting some exercise I can not have people pull in without causing me problems. Please do not drop in.  

I love to have visitors, it helps keep pups and my angels well socialized. Everyone will bark when you get here because you are a stranger, but they will settle down after you are here for a bit.  We live in the country, dress accordingly, nice clothes and nice shoes are not a good idea. 

I am happy to arrange my day to visitor's just let me know when to expect you, and please do not be late.

Also remember we have a schedule around here, I often arrange our day and routine around visitors. However when people are late it causes us all problems. I have had many visitors be as much as an hour or longer late. I can deal with 15 minutes late, but anything later requires a phone call. Please!!