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Contract - Receipt

All of my puppies are sold after they are 6 weeks old. They are sold only after being checked by the vet, therefore they have a health guarantee of 10 days from the statement date against all major viral diseases. Puppies are guaranteed for 2 years after statement date against genetic defects or illnesses. All guarantees are invalid if not accompanied by a written veterinarian statement. If your puppy is showing signs of illness you must contact me and your vet immediately or this contract is void. If your dog dies because of a genetic defect/illness I will refund up to and no more than the purchase price of the puppy after my vet has read and confirmed the report. If your puppy is diagnosed with a genetic defect/illness that will greatly and negantively afect their quality of life I will reimburse medical espenses that treat the illness up to the purchase price of the pup. I am not responsible for puppies that are ill or go down due to any minor illness that is easily treated or is not considered genetic. This contract is void if you as the owner do not stay current with you puppy’s vaccines, responsible vet care, and you must have the micro chip registered in your name. I am not responsible for any medical bills or treatments that you the buyer may incur. All puppies are current on vaccines administered by my vet. They are Dew-clawed at my vets office, and I administer De-wormer. I will provide you with your puppy’s medical record from my vet: Mayville Vet Clinic. Be sure to take the medical record to your vet on your pups first appointment.

By signing below you are in agreement to have your pet spayed or neutered by 6 months old. This puppy is sold as a pet and has no breeding rights. I will provide CKC or AKC papers after you show proof of your pup being de sexed.


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I the buyer __________________________________________________ have read and understand all of the above and agree to this contract./health guarantee.


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