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  October 15, 2018 12:02 PM Last updated  Click on photo's to enlarge Scroll down for pics & lots of INFORMATION

Labradoodle puppies are here!

Paris had her litter on 9.24.18, sired by Sawyer. We have 10 puppies! 5 girls and 5 boys. Pups are $1500, I will accept a $400 deposit to hold a pup/pick order. The next deposit will get 7th pick of the litter, 4 pups to choose from. We will start making picks in the order I received deposits when the pups get a little older, this way we know their coat types and a bit about the temperament/personality. Around Oct 20th-27th. Pups will be ready for their home November 12th. This is a standard multi genertaion Larbradoodle. Pups will range between 50-70lbs on average as an adult.

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1chocolate/white abstract girl, 2 chocolate girls, 1 apricot girl, and 1 cream girl. the boys; 2 chocolates, and 3 cream.


Maynard (blue lace) cream coat - male


Archie (lt. blue lace) chocolate - male


Bonnie (lavendar lace) apricot - female


Nelly (red lace) chocolate - female


Bingo (blue plaid lace) cream - male


Mabel (red plaid lace) chocolate - female


Jenny (pick dot lace) light apricot - female


Amos (orange dot lace) chocolate with white markings - male


Ava chocolate/white abstract - female


Elliot (black lace) cream - male





The girls 9.27.18

The boys 9.27.18

boys left girls to the right

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 1 day old, video lighting is not the best, dark pups are choclate, not black


Link to another video I posted on YouTube https://youtu.be/r2FkSaW431E

Visit the Policy & Payment page for information on how the reserve deposit system works. As always contact me with questions.

Contact me with questions. Email is best or you can call or text 810.728.827

If this is your first deposit, or payment with me you must have had correspondence with me before processing a payment.

If you are considering buying one of my puppy's PLEASE read the information below and all the information I provide on this web site. It is a huge commitment to bring a pup into your life, don't make a commitment you can't keep. Do the research! Ask Questions! Make sure you have the time and are completely committed to the work of a puppy. They will need constant activity and training in their first year. I would be happy to answer any questions promptly and HONESTLY!! 

All of my pups have Vet check ups, their dew claws removed, 1st set of vaccines, and are micro chipped before leaving my home. Puppies are wormed at 4,5,6, and 7 weeks old if necessary. I provide their medical record from my vet and all vaccines are administered by my Vet. Please visit my Puppy Care page for more information.

More Labradoodle pictures? click on my Labradoodle & previous Labradoodle pages.

My Puppies are sold with a 2 year health guarantee PLEASE READ IT. The pups have their dew-claws removed (not de-clawed). Some breeders do offer longer health guarantees, but if you look at the fine print you will realize that there are a lot of strings attached to that guarantee, and they are usually not money back.

I take great care of all of my angels! They are all well cared for, healthy, clean, a little spoiled, and definitely socialized! 

I will always be here for help! Whether you have questions about training, or you need a puppy sitter. The caring does not stop when you leave my home with your new angel. MY pups always have a home here, NO questions asked. You never know what life will bring, if for any reason you can no longer care for one of my pups please contact me, I CAN HELP! I will always take them back, even if you are out of state, I can help!

If you are thinking of buying a puppy from someone who is selling them for a much cheaper price, be careful. Do some research. Buying a puppy is a big commitment. They become part of your family. Plus, you have to remember that you are supporting, and sustaining a breeders program when you buy a puppy from them. Be sure that you feel that your breeder should continue breeding. Most pups that are sold at a reduced rate come from puppy mills. Puppy mills breed their bitches every cycle! The mothers are not healthy and are kept in terrible conditions, with little to no human contact! This means the pups are not healthy, usually do not have a strong immune system, and they are not socialized. Brokers buy the pups from mills by the litter. Then they take them into another state and advertise them at a reduced price, or they are sold to pet stores. DO NOT buy a pup from a pet store!! They are into quantity NOT quality! Puppy mills treat their dogs like a cash crop. Please do not contribute to them.  Please just do a little research, know your breeder and know where your pup is coming from.


If you are thinking about getting a pup but you are worried about taking a vacation. Don't worry!!! I will take care of your puppy while you're away.  I charge $15 per day - you provide food.  Click on Just Visiting/ Boarding If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me