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If you are thinking about getting a pup but you are worried about taking a vacation. Don't worry!!! I will take care of your puppy while you're away. I only do babysitting for my puppies/dogs, and I am very reasonable because I want to see them again too.  Your puppy would not be afraid to stay here like they would be at any old kennel, because they will remember me & their mommy's.

Testimonials & Letters

Hi Sindi,

I just wanted to send you a quick update on Jerzey.  She's just over six months old now and an absolute dream of a dog.  She's very smart and has tons of warm, cheerful personality.  She's got boundless energy, and we're having fun discovering new ways to exercise her (rollerblades, frisbee, dog parks).  We recently brought her home to her namesake, New Jersey, for a visit with our families and everyone went crazy over her.  She got along amazingly well with the other family dogs, always wanting to play and cuddle with them.  I think our families were more sad to see her go than us!  In fact, nearly every time I give her a walk people stop me to tell me how beautiful she is.  I even had a woman stop her car, put it in reverse and ask me where I got her.  Of course, I recommended she contact you! 

I've attached a few pictures to show you how she's growing.  Her coat is very curly and soft - I haven't had a single problem with my allergies.  Thanks again, for such a wonderful dog.  It's funny how after only a few short months you can't possibly imagine how life was without her.

Laura & Alex            Jerzey F1B Goldendoodle (Amber's pup)

Hi Cindi,
We just wanted to send you a note of appreciation ( I know it has been awhile) but we wanted to bring you up to speed.

Zoey is doing great.  She is a very loving dog and loves being around the boys, Karen and I.  Her temperament is one of the best I have seen in a dog.  She loves being groomed as she will just sit there enjoying every moment.   She loves going for  walks and is very intelligent.  She loves being outside.  She loves to sit outside allowing the wind to blow through her hair.  It is so cute.  She also loves being up to our cottage.  She loves the water and will play in it for hours if we let her.  We put in an electric fence at our cottage and she was trained in the first minute she went outside the boundaries.  She is sooo smart.  You can use this as testimony on your website as we are very very very happy we found your website and were able to bring her home.  I will have Stephen send you some pictures.  Our vet loves her and each time we go we get compliments on how healthy and cute she is. 

Thank you once again for all the support you gave us in the early stages. 

Best of luck to you in your grooming business.  We may call you down the road when we are ready. 

Sorry it has been so long since our last email.

Steve Smith Midland MI and Zoey

We promised to send you pictures of Sasha.  Well believe it or not we finally got around to it.  The first one was taken June 9th, when she was just two months old, and the other was taken October 28th.  Both Dan and I believe that she is the best dog we have ever had.  She has brought so much joy to our lives. 
I truly believe that how you raised her during her first eight weeks is why she has turned out so well.  She was used to being handled.  I can brush her teeth, give her baths, and brush her with little or no trouble.  All of which I attribute to you.
Sasha really loves our grandkids, and they, of course, love her back.  She does get excited during playtime though, which is because she is still just a puppy even though she looks like she is full grown.  Our Vet thinks she is one of the prettiest Alaskan Malamutes she has seen, and she was impressed with being able to look into her mouth and at her teeth without Sasha trying to bite.
Thank you for doing a wonderful job with her during her first weeks.
Connie and Dan 


We found mypuppypalooza.com online while researching Labradoodles. We had thought about getting a puppy some time in the future, but when I saw those sweet little faces on Sindi's puppy page, we couldn't wait to make one of those puppies a part of our family. We have had Maggie with us for about one month and she is just the sweetest little puppy. What I found interesting was how easy Maggie has been to train. Sindi's puppies are raised in a home environment and get used to living on somewhat of a schedule from the beginning. After two weeks with us, Maggie was already going to the back door and barking when she wanted to go outside. We've had very few "accidents" in the house. My vet was very impressed that Maggie was already dew clawed when we got her. When she came to us, Maggie looked very much like a black lab puppy, and now she is getting a fluffier, soft beautiful coat that curls up, but still has that adorable Labrador face that we wanted. I highly recommend Sindi as a breeder. You can tell from the minute you meet her that she truly loves dogs and she likes to keep in contact with the owners to see how the pups do in their new families. Finding Sindi and Maggie was one of the best things we ever did!
Janet S.
Warren, MI 

  (Maggie's Mom) F1 Labradoodle

We had such an amazing experience finding our special little girl Phoebe. I felt like I knew her long before I met her because of all of the efforts of the breeder, Sindi. She was receptive to my questions, open to visits and most of all I loved the daily update on the web site. I watched her grow before we could bring her home. Phoebe has exceeded our expectations of what we wanted in a dog and Sindi did as a breeder as well. It was a pleasant experience all around. In fact, we just had Phoebe spend a week with her mom and sister as we vacationed in Florida. It was worth the 1 1/2 hour trip to drop her off knowing that she would be in the best of hands.

The Boka Family, Plymouth MI  (Phoebe's Family) F1 Goldendoodle


Hello Elizabeth,

First off, let me start by saying that Sindi is a very caring and loving breeder. You can rest assured that she does not run a puppy mill operation...my husband had similar concerns.

Sindi makes sure the pups are well socialized with other dogs as well as children and adults. She is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her "angels" as she so affectionately labels her puppies.

As for Felix...he loves everyone! He also has not met a dog he has not liked. Our neighbors have a mean little ankle biter -- or so we thought. Within minutes of meeting our neighbor's dog, Felix's happy-go-lucky demeanor had him whining like a baby and wagging his tail. :-)

Our vet has given Felix a clean bill of health and has even commented on how happy and gentle he is. He has mentioned how lucky we were to get such a wonderful puppy.

Felix is now 5 months old, 44 pounds and has mastered a few disciplines: sit, give paw, lie down, roll over, and gentle - when taking a treat. He's working on stay and heel. We begin with actual training with a trainer this coming weekend. He also rings a bell when he needs to go outside. We chose to crate train him so we'd be able to house train him faster. With crate training we were able to house train Felix in two weeks. He had a few accidents; but, that was more caused by our error than his.

We found that putting the crate in our bedroom helped with his bonding to us, and being in the same room prevented him from whining through the night. We only woke up in the middle of the night to take him out - not because of howling or separation anxiety.

He has boundless energy! He loves to play and romp - especially with other dogs. We take him to doggy daycare once a week so he can play until his heart is content. Felix is very loving, cuddly, and extremely smart. He gives kisses to anyone that will put their face by his.

I can firmly state that if my husband and I were to purchase another Goldendoodle - we would call Sindi without hesitation.

I've attached a picture of Felix and myself that's about a month old :-) If you have any other questions - please feel free to contact me any time!

One more thing - Sindi is really a wonderful person and cares deeply about the puppies. And that caring doesn't stop after the puppy leaves her house. She's always available for any questions and advice.

Take care and good luck on your puppy hunt!

Kristen S. , Grand Rapids MI.
Jo Jo'a F1 Goldendoodle


We purchased a Labradoodle puppy from sindi and found her to be a wonderful breeder. We love our new puppy and cannot imagine our life without her. Our vet had nothing but glowing reviews for our new puppy from sindi.

Jennifer , Troy MI