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Goldendoodle's This is Scooby.

Scooby is an F1B Goldendoodle born 8/14/11, he weighs about 80lbs, and lives in Farmington hills. He is a special boy, and needs a new home.

His family loves him dearly but can not keep him. We are desperately looking for a home that is a better fit for Scooby. We feel, and his family agree's, that the suburban life in a subdivision is not for him. He struggles with fear anxiety/aggression, and his subdivision does not allow a fenced yard. He is extremely protective of his property and his family. He has broken through an extra secure underground fence, broke his leash, and having an electric collar doesn't faze him when he see's another dog walking by his home. Although he plays very well with other dogs at doggy day care. He has attacked other dogs walking by his home 2 times now. When he is in the house he is a regular good boy, but taking him for walks around the neighborhood is too challenging. His children can not walk him, but his mom & dad can walk him on a leash and he does very well. If another dog comes around he might pull a little toward a dog, but he corrects very easily on leash and goes about his walk. It just seems to be in his yard where other dogs he doesn't know seem to upset him. He has 4 children in his home, with an active household like that, kids coming and going in and out, if the door is left open and Scooby gets out, his family worries that he might attack a dog walking by again.

Scooby does go to K-9 college in his area, and plays with all kinds of other dogs really well. It is just when he is home or in his van, when other dogs approach or an unexpected visitor comes into the yard, Scooby gets upset. Thing is, his family has large parties and lots of company, and he is fine with that. But the anxiety of certain situations is just to much for him. He needs a country home, or a secure fenced yard where he can enjoy the outdoors without him worrying about what he needs to protect, where he can not get out!

He would do well with a family who had no other dogs, have a fenced in yard that he can not get out of, or a very large acreage of property in the country. Because of his anxiety we don't think his new home should have young children, but older children would be fine. His youngest in his family is 9.

He does really like going to doggy day care and playing with other dogs, he does great, but in his new home his new family would need to be a strong leader to introduce him to new furry friends. His family has had lots of trainers help, and he has improved. But he needs to get out of the city I think to improve more.

If you are a strong leader, and understand dog behavior, please consider giving this boy a second chance, a better life, and welcome him into your home. If you are interested we would be happy to set up a visit!! Please contact me

Scooby 2015