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Contract - Receipt - Health Guarantee

All of my pups are sold after being examined by my vet and are found to be healthy before leaving my home Therefor they have a health guarantee of 10 days from the pick up date stated above, against all major viral diseases. Puppies are guaranteed for 2 years after the pickup date against genetic defects. All guarantees are invalid if not accompanied by a written veterinarian statement with supporting testing results. And must be confirmed by my vet. If your puppy/dog is showing signs of illness you must contact your vet immediately, then contact me within hours or this contract is void. If your dog dies because of genetic defect/illness I will refund up to and no more than the purchase price of the puppy after my vet has read and confirmed the report. If your dog is diagnosed with a genetic defect/illness that will greatly and negatively affect their quality of life, I will reimburse the medical expenses (vet cost only), that treat the illness up to the purchase price of the pup, after the report is confirmed by my vet.

I am not responsible for dogs/pups that become ill or die because of a minor illness that is easily treated, or because of any illness that is not genetic. This contract is void if you as the owner do not stay current with your pups vaccines or are irresponsible with necessary vet care. I am not responsible for any medical bills or treatments that you the buyer may incur during a normal lifespan and normal medical treatment a dog will need throughout their life. All pups/dogs are current on vaccines, worming's, and exams before leaving my home. ALL vaccinations are administered by a licensed vet, I DO NOT administer vaccines myself as most breeders do. Each pup will be microchipped by my vet before they are ready for their homes. You will be provided the medical record from my vet. By signing below, you are agreeing to have your pup spayed or neutered, Pups are sold as pets, and are not for breeding. If you are caught breeding one of my dogs without permission, you will reimburse me for breeding rights up to $5000 and agree to that by signing below. I will provide you with CKC papers without breeding rights.

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