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The Boys  Stud service is available. Please Contact me for details.

Sawyer Brown

He is a Chocolate F1 (first cross 50/50) American Labradoodle. He was born January 2013Sawyer is 80lbs, short and stocky like a lab. We are offering him for stud service for a limited time, and he throws chocolates. Sawyer has a thin fleece coat, easier to maintain, but he has very low shedding a couple times a year. We have had his PennHIP testing done with a 90% in his breed, which means excellent hips!

summer of 2020

2.1.18 March 2014

September 2013

with some dirt. Sawyer has a nice straight tail.

    Jackson Brown, we call him lilJack

Jack is our newest addition to our family. He is a multi generation American medium Labradoodle, at about 35lbs. Jack to sires our medium litters . He has a chocolate, wavy, silky soft, non shedding, shaggy fleece coat. OFA testing to come, However Labradoodle's are not at a high risk of dysplasia, especially the smaller sizes.

bad hair day !

The Girls   

Our newest additions are Goldie & Cricket

Miss Goldie

Goldie is a Multi generational Labradoodle, She is Lacey's daughter, who has both american and australian lines. Edison is Goldie's dad . She is about 50lbs. Goldie has a low shed twice per year, only lasting a couple of weeks. Most of the year she does not shed. Goldie has a low maintenance coat. We will use Jack to sire her litters. Her first litter we are expecting in the fall of 2020


Cricket is a Multi generational Labradoodle, She is Goldie's sister, and Lacey's daughter, who has both american and australian lines. . She is about 50lbs. Cricket has a low shed one time per year, only lasting a couple of weeks. Most of the year she does not shed. We will use Jack to sire her litters. Her first litter we are expecting in the beginning of 2021.

Princess Penelope

Stella and Leo are her parents, she is a red with white markings and she gives us some Beautiful pups!! She is a multi generation Labradoodle, her mom is 1/2 american and 1/2 australian. Her dad is a F1b Labradoodle. She has a fleece soft non shedding shaggy wavy coat. Penelope is about 42lbs, A medium labradoodle.

2 weeks old

North Country's Paris Puppy

Paris at 2 weeks old At about a year old

Paris is an American Multi Generation (or F2) Labradoodle, her mom is Ginger (f1b)and Dad is Leo (f1b). Her coat is very silky soft, easier to maintain than a fleece cotton soft coat, and she is non shedding. Her photo's do not do her justice, she is gorgeous! She is a big girl at about 62lbs.

North Country's Charlee Girl

Charlee's parents are Lacey (f1b)and Leo (f1b), Born in May 2016. She has a coat like Paris, silky soft and non shedding, but not as thick, and it is easier to maintain. Charlee is a multi generation Labradoodle. In the pictures posted she is clipped short, but when hair is long it is gorgeous! Charlee is very pretty, she has amber colored eye's that will look right through you. Sweet, and agile, she is about 45lbs. We love our Charlee girl!!

charlee w/friends 2.1.18

This is our Beautiful Lacey Lou

She is a Multi Generation 1/2 American 1/2 Australian Labradoodle , 45lbs medium size . She is a very good mommy! Very mature with the pack, Stella's BFF. Penny and Remmy are her mom and dad. Both of Lacey's parents have had OFA or PennHip testing, good and excellent. So there are no worries in her pedigree. I will not have her tested, there isn't a risk for genetic dysplasia when her parents have been tested.

Rosella Abigail - We call her Roses

She is a multi generation Red Labradoodle with both American and Australian lines. She is flat coated, which means no clipping and much less grooming, however with this coat type there can be low shedding (not comparable to the shedding of a Lab!) Rose's coat sheds a couple times per year, and the rest of the year is non shedding. So if a little occasional shedding isn't a big deal for you, this coat is so much easier than the non shedding fleece coats!! Roses is a standard size at about 65lbs. Tall and slender

Hannah Rosanna is a multi generation Labradoodle with both American and Australian lines. Her parents are Penelope and Edison. She is a parti Red/White fleece coat, and a future breeder. She is a standard size at about 60lbs, very silky soft wavy non shedding fleece coat.

As her coat grows after clipping her spots are brighter, reddish


North Country's Stella Rose.

getting a kiss from Charlee

September With her momma Ginger

Stella is a Multi Generation Labradoodle with my American line, and the Australian line. She is red/caramel, with a Beautiful soft fleece non shedding shaggy wavy coat. She is a pup from Ginger and Remmy's (remmy is an Australian Labradoodle) . Stella is 65lbs, and officially retired. Stella is Penelope's mom 

Stella as a pup

North Country's Ginger Spice

September 2013 ~ Ginger is our Beautiful F1B Labradoodle. She has a dark apricot with a Fluffy Fleecy coat. Non Shedding. Ginger has Multi generation Labradoodles, and is very Beautiful. She is Abbey & Winchester's pup. Ginger has the prettiest pups, but she is retired, and will bark at you from my bedroom window if you visit. :) Retired Ginger is Stella, and Paris's mom


North Country's Penny Lane retired


7months old 1 Year old

Penny is a blond F1B Labradoodle, from Abbey (f1)& Winchester (AKC poodle)She is a beautiful girl, with a thinner coat, Much easier to maintain. Penny lane is 20.5 inches from floor to the top of her back, and weighs 60lbs. She has her OFA Certifications Hips are certified - Good and Elbows are certified - Normal Penny Lane is retired. She is the mom to Lacey Lou



Sindi's Angel Abbey Rose  

Abbey is my angel forever. If you have a Labradoodle from me, very likely they are Abbey's grand baby, and you are very lucky to have an Abbey Rose Labradoodle. She was a very special angel, and I am lost without her. Abbey is the whole reason I continued to breed the Labradoodle! All of my breeding females are descended from her.

My Angel, Abbey Rose 4/19/2005 - 3/15/2016

My best friend, my companion, I miss you each and every day. I love you Abbey Rose, always and forever!!!!

More of our past angels, we miss you all so much! You all live forever in my heart. Love you !



The last malamute we had on the property, RIP my love!

Our Beautiful Aunt Suki, You are gone to soon my angel. So missed, never forgotten! I love you Suki!
 North Country's Miss Sophie

Our Beloved Miss Sophie 4/9/06 - 10/2/12

My heart is broken, I am in so much pain and would give anything for another Sophie hug. I know you are in peace, no more medicine, and no more feeling sick, just rest. I love you Sophie, you are in our heart and soul forever my angel.

Anna Rosanna Sindi's Angel   

Anna is an AKC Alaskan Malamute with a Gray/White coat and a partial mask.

My Beautiful Anna Rosanna, So strong and Dignified, the Best Malamute I have ever owned and that is saying a lot, We miss you terribly! Rest in Peace my love.

Sindi's Indi Mae Angel      

Indi is an AKC Alaskan Malamute with a Black/White coat, w/full mask.

   Indi is always happy!    We miss you, but your smile is always in our memory, and always makes me smile.

North Country's Jesse James 

  He has a wonderful temperament! He is retired

Jesse is an AKC Black/White w/full mask Alaskan Malamute OFA hips & Elbows normal/DNA profiled.

Rest in Peace my itty bitty baby boy, We love you Jess, always LEADER of the pack forever and ever!

 Maggie Mae our rescue      My angel

Rest in peace my angel Maggie Mae. We miss you terribly, but you gave us all some wonderful memories and you are always part of our family, in our hearts forever my special girl! August 1999 - December 2013

Amber Lee Baby Angel    Goldendoodle

North Country's Sir Winchester 

He has a great  Pedigree

Winchester is an AKC/CKC Standard Cream Poodle. He is Ginger and Penny's dad, and retired living in PA Miss you so much Winny PooPoo. My American line started with Winchester, All of my mom's are descended form Winchester.

North Country's Lola Madison Lola September 2010

Lola is an AKC/CKC Golden Retriever, with a Golden coat. She has the sweetest disposition! Very friendly and loving. She is retired and with Jo Jo

March 2014

7.22.13 Our Beautiful Lola Bear is retired and has gone to her new home, she is so happy and has so much attention she could just kiss everyone all the time, and she does!! We miss you but are so happy you are with Jo Jo and part of the Vosk family

 Lola & Jo Jo, holding down the sofa, tuff job but somebody has to do it!

Gone but never ever forgotten! You gave so much love and joy to so many of us. You are truly an angel forever, my dear Jo Jo.

Jo Jo Sindi's Angel   is retired, and now part of the Vosk family.

We miss you but know how happy you are!