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Last updated Sept 25th, 2022 11am CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE

Our next litter of Labradoodle puppies are here!

Cricket had her litter of 12 pups, born Sunday May 29th, 2022 Ready for their new homes. Older pups can be a little easier!
Oscar in front Elliot
Starting left-Maynard, Elliot, Wanda, Daisy, Oscar in back 8.31.22

Please click here for more pics and info of Crickets litter, 3 puppies available

Charlee had her litter of angels on 8/30/22, 8 puppies, 4 girls and 4 boys

We are accepting $400 deposits to lock in a top pick in this litter. Pups will be ready for their homes Oct. 21, 2022 Next deposit will have 2nd pick of the litter/

Please click here for more pics and info of Charlee's litter, 7 puppies available

All of my pups are sold as pets with no breeding rights. After litters are born I require a serious commitment and a $400 deposit to hold a pick/puppy in a litter
There is more information about placing deposits and the picking process on my, Deposit/Payment and Waiting list information page.

Or you can scan this code to place a deposit, after we have had correspondence

We are happy to offer a new puppy training service. For years our families have asked, but we never had the time to give the one on one attention a 7 week old puppy needs. Available for our new puppy owners, we offer one or two weeks of crate, house, potty, behavioral, and leash training. We only do a couple puppies per litter, so sign up early.

$300 for 1 week of new puppy training

$500 for 2 weeks

It is our goal to have your puppy potty trained and able to sleep through the night in their crate within one week. We are confident that we will be able to achieve that. However they will have to get acclimated to a new home and a new yard when they go home with their families. Within 2 weeks, we are confident that we will be able to have them acclimated to a leash as well as housetrained, sleeping through the night, and have behavioral training. We will teach pups to sit for attention and not jump on people. We will also teach them not to bite hands, feet, shoes, and so on. These are the types of things we will be working on in their 2nd week.

**This service is meant to help a busy family or a family without any experience in puppy training, it is in no way a full training. Training your puppy fully is a process that takes months, there will still be a lot of work to do, after they are home. But this will help with sleepless nights, and be a great start for your puppies' training!!!

Contact me with questions, Email is best or you can call or text 810.728.827

If you are considering buying one of my puppy's PLEASE read the information below and all the information I provide on this web site. It is a huge commitment to bring a puppy into your life, don't make a commitment you can't keep. Do the research! Ask Questions! Make sure you have the time and are completely committed to the work of a puppy. They will need constant activity and training in their first year. I would be happy to answer any questions promptly and HONESTLY!! 

All of my pups have Vet check ups, their dew claws removed, and are current with VET administered vaccines. Their Dr also also inserts Microchips. Puppies are wormed at 4,5,6, and 7 weeks old. I provide their medical record from my vet and all vaccines are administered by my Vet. Please visit my Puppy Care page for more information.

More Labradoodle pictures? Click on my Labradoodle & previous Labradoodle pages.

I will start letting pups go to their new homes at 7 weeks old. I believe this is the perfect time to take your puppy home and start their training. They are not benefiting from staying here until 8 weeks, they only learn more "pack rules" here, and they need to learn house rules, and potty training. They are completely weaned from mom at 6 weeks old. With in the litter there is competition for everything, food from mom, toys, and attention. The more competition the more conflict you will have, and a chance for bad habits to develop, such as alpha behavior. The longer they are with us, the harder the transition of leaving us can be. This is why I like to see them to start going to their homes at 7 weeks old. If you need me to keep them for longer, that is fine too. The most important thing is that it is a good time for you to bring home your new family member. We welcome visitors, just contact me to schedule a day and time. I am happy to plan my day around a visit, I just ask that you are PLEASE on Time! I pack allot into my days and have a tight schedule.

I will always be here for help! Whether you have questions about training, or you need a puppy sitter. The caring does not stop when you leave my home with your new angel. MY pups always have a home here, NO questions asked. You never know what life will bring, if for any reason you can no longer care for one of my pups please contact me, I CAN HELP! I will always take them back, even if you are out of state, I can help!

When purchasing a puppy, be careful. With a little research you can see that we have been breeding for 17+ years. Visiting is important! If a breeder wants to meet you somewhere and doesn't want you to visit their breeding stock, or their home/facility, there is a problem, That is a red flag. Do some research. Buying a puppy is a big commitment. They become part of your family. Plus, you have to remember that you are supporting, and sustaining a breeders program when you buy a puppy from them. Be sure that you feel that your breeder should continue breeding.