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Here at NCK club, we have had many wonderful furry friends come to visit. One of our families said it is like camp for dogs!

We one spot left for July 4th holiday. We do have availability for Memorial day. Updated 4/5/24

Contact me to schedule your dates

Boarding Prices 2024:

$25 minimum!

$22 per night for 1 dog, 2 or more nights. $30 for 1 night. ($20 for Members/North Country Kennel Puppies)

**Dogs must be in the same kennel area at night, and from the same home for this pricing.

*$32 per night for 2 dogs, 2 or more nights. $35 for 1 night. ($28 for Members/North Country Kennel pups)

*$35 per night for 3 dogs, 2 or more nights. $40 for 1 night. ($33 for Members/North Country Kennel pups)

I do give better rates for extended stays of 3+ weeks. Contact me for a quote. I consider a night approximately 24 hours. If your drop off and pick up time is around the same time of day, I will charge for 1 night. For instance, if you drop off at 10am, and pick up at 1pm, I will charge another half day.

Doggy Day Care prices 2024

For 1 dog drop off/pick up is scheduled at your convenience between 8:30am -5pm $25 (North Country Kennel members/puppies $22)

For 2 dogs drop off/pick up is scheduled at your convenience between 8:30am -5pm $30 (North Country Kennel members/puppies $28)

For 3 dogs drop off/pick up is scheduled at your convenience between 8:30am -5pm $35 (North Country Kennel members/puppies $33)

We are happy to be flexible and fit your schedule if needed. If you want to drop off earlier, or pick up later, plesae ask, and we will quote you a price.

If you have never been here before and want to consider letting us babysit your doggy, we will start by scheduling a meet and greet for you and your dog. We want to make sure you, your dog, and I am comfortable with each other. I will show you around and handle your dog on leash. If everything goes well, and you like what you see, we will schedule your boarding as long as all of the following rules are agreed upon and met.

My boarding rules are below.

Your dog must NOT have been to another kennel/doggy day care/dog park, or anywhere there are a lot of strange dogs, a full 2 weeks before coming here for boarding. It is too easy to catch a bug/kennel cough or a flu. I do not want anything spreading to my pack. And I want you to rest assured your dog is in a safe environment. Please be sure not to take your dog anywhere else when you are scheduled to bring them here.

More Rules: Your angel must be healthy, current on vaccines/vet check-ups, you must provide a print out from your vet confirming this.

Must not have fleas! Must have normal stool, and NO parasites!!

Must be spayed or neutered

Must be able to play with other pets and friendly with people.

A little more info and what the day to day is like here at North Country Kennel Club :

Starting around 7am Everyone goes out into the big outdoor kennel for potty and morning recess. Depending on the weather, they might be allowed a couple or hours, or only a few minutes. Each boarding dog will come in for breakfast according to the schedule that works best for each visiting dog. After breakfast and a little rest, we will take your pup outside again and make sure all business is done and energy is burned. Then back into our indoor kennel, which is our basement. They can play, or nap. We will go in and out through out the day, usually every couple of hours. We usually end the day around 9pm, sometimes later in the summer, and earlier in the winter. But we make sure everyone has had plenty of potty breaks and playtime, so they are ready for bed, and anxious to get to their rooms at night. They will spend the night in our basement and will get their own kennel, usually 6x12'. So if you like to bring a couple of toys or blanket for your pet that is fine, but not necessary. We have everything your pup could need! Always lots of clean blankets, beds, and lots of toys.
You must bring your dogs food, and always pack a little extra! We also provide a lot of good treats (whole real foods, as well as some doggy treats). At night your pup will get what my pups get. Which can be anything from oatmeal with peanut butter, or rice and hamburger with spinach and carrots. Or perhaps eggs, apples, yogurt, or even a real marrow filled soup bone. We always give small portions for visitors that are have sensitive belly's, but be sure to let me know if your pup gets soft stool easily. I do have video surveillance on the property and through out the basement so I can always keep an eye on everyone! But I am with them a lot!! They are only kenneled up at night to sleep, they are part of our family!!!! We really do want your pet to like it here, and they will! It is important to us.

We had so many doodle's in the play pen, and they were all running through the pools, and all around the pen. Chasing who ever was "it" at the moment. I went and grabbed my camera to capture the fun on video. But they all stopped playing to see what I was doing.

Left to right Penny, Murphy, Amber, Abbey (lola behind Abbey, can't see her face), Belle laying down, Bailey in the back, Chamo sitting in front, Ginger laying in the back, and last but not least, Winchester laying far right

Lola, Bea, Chamo


 We love to Baby sit! I really can't call it boarding.

Brodie in the play pen with dad and friends.

Brodie the Labradoodle and his big sister Katie the Golden Retriever are here for a visit.

Abbey's angel Lola stayed the night. We sure enjoyed her, what a doll!!! She loved the playpen!!

Mindy Sue is back, her and Missy are great playmates! Missy love's Mindy!! 

Murphy & Mindy -  Goldendoodles

Murphy is an F1 and Mindy and F1B

Sadie & Rudy -   F1 Labradoodle's  

Luke F1B Labradoodle

Mindy and Luke taking a dip

Baxter is about 5 months old and he loves to play with the little ones! He is Jo Jo & Winchester's F1 Goldendoodle.

4/8/08 Here for babysitting

Are you coming for a visit??
We love to have visitors! However, We can not have people just drop in. If I am in the middle of doing something with pups, or perhaps I have dogs loose outside without a leash, because we are training or simply getting some exercise I can not have people pull in without causing me problems. Please do not drop in.  

Having visitors is great for my pack, and for litters of pups who are learning social skills. . Everyone will bark when you get here because you are a stranger, and when they are together as a pack, they act like a pack. But they will settle down after you are here for a bit.  We live in the country, dress accordingly, nice clothes and nice shoes are not a good idea. 

I am happy to arrange my day to visitor's just let me know when to expect you, and please do not be late.

Also remember, we have a schedule around here, I often arrange our day and routine around visitors. However when people are late it causes us all problems. I have had many visitors be as much as an hour or longer late. I can deal with 15 minutes late, but anything later requires a phone call. Please!!