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The origin of the Labradoodle started with a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle. In Australia they began adding other breeds to that cross, English Cocker Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, and Curly Coat Retriever. American Labradoodle's are typically just Lab and Poodle, and can be F1's (First cross 50/50) F1b's (F1 crossed back to a poodle) Or a mulit generation (labradoodle bred to labradoodle). Both American and Australian Labradoodles are smart, personable, trainable, active, and make wonderful family pets. It all starts with the good health, and temperaments of the parents. The Labradoodle longs for human contact, and becomes a very close family member quickly! Their unique traits of an intuitive nature, and the seeking of human eye contact should be easily noticed at a glance. Which is why Labradoodle's are usually easy to train. Their allergy friendly coats make them popular among people who have not been able to enjoy pets because of their allergies. Coat type is extremely important when choosing an allergy friendly puppy or adult!

Labradoodle's are Great pets for runners looking for a jogging partner!! Great family pets, friendly and loving. Great for the active family that wants to take their dog everywhere with them. The Labradoodle is very intelligent, and you must remember they need physical activity but also a lot of interaction, and leadership. They need to keep their minds busy too! A bored Labradoodle is a mischevious Labradoodle. If you are thinking about getting a Labradoodle or any dog, the entire household must be committed

Labradoodle coats can vary. Flat and straight , wispy and thinner are easy to maintain but will shed. These types of coats usually have low shedding, and are not the best choice for allergy sufferer's. Coat types that do not shed are always your best choice if you do not want fur around your home, or if you have allergies within the household. Coats that do not shed can be wolly, curly, shaggy, or fluffy, silky soft or cotton soft. Coats like these require a lot of grooming. Being clipped is common, every 6-12 weeks, depending on how much you want to comb and brush.

Coat types   When it comes to a Labradoodle coat, the look of your dog will depend very much on the way you have them groomed.

Curly/wooly coat - has the feel of the poodles coat with a looser curl, non shedding!brodie

metroFleece shaggy coat -has a fluffy, shaggy appearance with a loose wave.   Fleece coats have a distinct soft fleecy 'feel' like no other dog coat.  This coat is what the Labradoodle is famous for. non shedding!

Jasper has a fleecy fluffy coat!


jamie straighter coat labradoodleStraight/Wispy coat - looks more like a Labrador's coat from a distance. When you get a closer look you will notice their hair is longer and with a little wave. This coat type will probably shed a little, however it is low maintenance. The easiest coat type to care for!

The curly or fleecy coats will be longer and will need grooming, brushing, and trimming often. 

coat type more examples

This is a curly/woolly coat, non shedding! Lacey pup 1 year old.

This is a wavy fleece thick fluffy shaggy coat, non shedding! Ginger pup 1.5 years old. Her hair is straighter but thick!

Size and weight

Labradoodles are categorized in three sizes. Standard, Medium and Miniature. I breed standard, and mediums

Standard -  22-24 inches
Standard: Weight - Female - 40-60 pounds    Male - 50-80 pounds  Medium to large Breed dog.

Medium weight - between 25-50 lbs
Mini's are under 25lbs.

The Labradoodle coat colors are aubur n, black, cream,  apricots, red, gold and chocolate. Small white patches as found in the Lab and Poodle at chest and toes are accepted. And now breeders including my self are loving the new abstract looks, parents that have parti in them or just tuxedo', stars, or white facial markings, can throw absract. We get abstract with Paris & Sawyer

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Bentley boy at his restaurant, summer 2009. Bently is a F1 Labradoodle.

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