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A link for making payments for grooming and boarding are at the bottom of the page, scroll down please.

Puppy Payment/deposit info:

If you have the PayPal app you can scan this code to make payments or deposits to our kennel

My Puppies are sold with a 2 year Health Guarantee PLEASE READ IT. Prices of pups can vary depending on litter and the breeding parents. However Most of the time my pups are $1500.

This is how our waiting list/reserve deposit system works. Please read everything carefully before placing a deposit. Deposits are NON refundable, but can be used towards any litter at anytime, when you are ready.

Before litters are born (waiting/reserve list)

You can be placed on our waiting list by placing a non refundable $25 reserve deposit. This is the best way to insure a top pick from the litter you are interested in.  Picks are given in the order I receive your deposits, starting with families on my reserve list.

If you place a waiting list deposit, After a litter is born I will contact you. If you decide you are not ready and do not want a puppy from that litter, you will stay on my waiting list, and I will contact you when the next litter is born. . There is a link below to place a deposit, but please read everything first if this is your first puppy from us. We want you informed!

After litters are born: Holding a pick order or puppy

If you are all ready on my reserve/waiting list, you will get first dibs on placing that hold deposit before new families. If waiting list families decide they do want a pup from that litter, then I ask for a serious commitment and require a $400 deposit to hold your pick order, and consider one of the pups spoken for, reserved for your family. . I give families about a week after a litter is born to decide and place that $400 deposit. You will have more information before making that big commitment. You will know how many puppies in the litter, what pick order you would have, how many boys and girls, and some insight into coat types.

If you are not on my reserve/waiting list, you can place a $400 hold deposit for the next pick order after I have went through my list. Usually I know how much availability I will have within a litter, and start accepting new deposits at about 2 weeks old.

After placing the $400 deposit , and have locked in your "pick order", all you have to do is watch the video's, look at all the photo's of the litter as they learn and grow, and wait until "pick time". I will schedule visitors to make their picks when the time comes. I do not let families pick until the puppies are 4-5 weeks old. We want everyone to make a good choice for their household, and we are here to assist, recommend, advise, but you will make the choice yourself. At about 3 weeks old they start showing their personality and by 5 weeks I can tell you about their temperaments, activity level, personal traits, and their coat types, helping you make an informed decision for your household. .

All deposit money goes towards the total price of your pup, which is typically $1,500

You may click below to make a Puppy Deposit or Payment after we have had correspondence


Sorry no checks on the day of new puppy pick-up!!!

I you are writing a check, I DO NOT ACCEPT a certified, a cashiers check, or a money order. . A personal check with your name and correct address on it is required.

Make checks, payable to : Sinthea Powell

                                                  8084 Willits Road

                                                 Fostoria, MI 48435   

$30 Fee for any returned checks!!!

Credit card Payments for Boarding , Grooming, or training can be placed by clicking on the link below