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Last updated September 1, 2021 5:08 PM

Rose's Litter of Labradoodle Puppies

Rose's Babies are here! Born in the very early morning hours Tuesday August 17th, 2021

We have a litter of 10, 7 boys and 3 girls. Rose's puppies are multi generation Labradoodle's, with both American and Australian lines. This is Rose's 2nd litter, but her first with Jack. My best guess will be pups that can range from 40-75lbs. I should have a good indication of size before pick time. Coat types will be determined later as they grow, but so far I am happy to see so many with some wave in their fur all ready. That is a good indication we might have some fluff balls. This litter will be ready for their homes Oct 7th,2021. All of our pups are $1500, I require a $400 deposit to hold a pick order. We do have availability in this litter. Next Deposit will have 3rd pick of this litter. We will start making picks in a couple of weeks.

9.14.21 9.13.21 - Eliza & Florence

Johnny (Tan collar) Chocolate male, with some white markings on feet and chest. So far he looks like he has a wavy , but are not sure about shedding yet.

9.14.21 9.13.21 9.10.21

Norman - male (orange collar) Chocolate Fluffy wavy coat with white tips on his back feet. So far I think he will be non shedding, he is very soft.

9.14.21 9.13.21 9.1.21

Walter - male (blue collar) Chocolate with a little wave in his coat, but it is to soon to determine shedding and coat type for this guy.

9.14.21 9.1.21

Florence - female (purple collar) She has a Chocolate coat with a light chocolate underbody. So far her Coat looks fluffy and curly/wavy. I think she will be non shedding

9.14.21 9.13.21 9.1.21

Eliza - female (yellow collar) Dark chocolate with beautiful white markings. Her coat is wavy and seems long. I am not sure yet, but I think she might be shaggy and non shedding. TBD

9.14.21 9.1.21

Chester - male (green collar) Dark and light chocolate with white markings, so cute! He has some curl or wavy, and I think he will be non shedding, but it is to soon to say for sure. This little guy is full of character all ready! Happy!

9.14.21 9.13.21 9.1.21

Amos - male (black collar) Dark and light chocolate, with white markings. His coat has some wave, but seems shorter and thinner. To soon to determine coat type and shedding for him.

9.14.21 9.1.21

Edgar - male (red collar) He has beautiful markings, Dark and Light Chocolate with white. His coat is a shorter with some wave, but it is to soon to determine coat type for sure.

9.13.21 9.13.21


Helen - female (pink collar) She is chocloate with little white tips on her back feet. So far her coat looks straighter, and thinner. I think she might be low maintenance, wispy, low shedding coat. TBD

9.13.21 9.1.21

Lewis - male (light blue collar) Chocolate coat with small white tips on his back feet. His coat is fluffy, with a lot of loose curl or wave. I think he will be non shedding, but it is to soon to determine coat type with certainty

9.13.21 9.1.21

Group photo's of first playtime outside taken 9.10.21





8.24.21 - These are the 3 girls, when they open their eye's next week we will take individual pictures

8.24.21 - Boys are in the front on these pics, the 3 girls in the back






Contact me for information, or my Policy & Payment Page may answer a lot of questions. Our Family of Angels page has photo's of our parents. Please go to my puppy care page for recommended supplies and products you might need for bringing your puppy home, including what food to buy.

All of my pups are seen by the vet. Their first visit is between 3-5 days old, when they have their dew claws removed. Their next visit is at 6.5 weeks old, they go in for a check up, their first set of vaccines, and micro chipping (I use HomeAgain microchip service.) My vet administers all vaccines, and the micro chip, you will receive a medical statement from my vet. I will also provide you with CKC papers if you would like to register your puppy, but the papers are only provided under the agreement you have had your pup spayed or neutered. You will receive a Pro Plan puppy kit, your micro chip registration form, Medical Statement from my vet, and a 2 year money back Health Guarantee. I will start letting pups go to their new homes at 7 weeks old. I believe this is the perfect time to take your puppy home and start their training. They are not benefiting from staying here until 8 weeks, they only learn more "pack rules" here, and they need to learn house rules, and potty training. They are completely weaned from mom at 6 weeks old. With in the litter there is competition for everything, food from mom, toys, and attention. The more competition the more conflict you will have, and a chance for bad habits to develop, such as alpha behavior. This is why I like to see them to start going to their homes at 7 weeks old. If you need me to keep them for longer, that is fine too. The most important thing is that it is a good time for you to bring home your new family member. We welcome visitors, just contact me to schedule a day and time. Depending on the pandemic, if we are indoors, I will ask you to mask up. I am happy to plan my day around a visit, I just ask that you are PLEASE on Time! I pack allot into my days and have a tight schedule!!!